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Wow What is this?

A game I enjoyed playing recently: Nioh 2

I don't play a lot of games because I'm usually busy with work, but I was enthusiastic about this.

The stage is Japan's Sengoku period. This is the story of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the later champion of the Sengoku period, and his allies.
What is irresistible for history lovers is that various warlords appear as enemies and allies.

And above all, it's difficult.
I will die anyway. Even if I study by watching the video, I die.
I don't know unless I do this. So I just have to die.

Another thing I was enthusiastic about was character makeup.
There are various parts, and you can combine them to make a character.
If you do your best, you can even reproduce anime characters.
For example.

Big Boss of Metal Gear Solid

Batman Harlequin

The Witcher Siri

Another feature is the abundance of weapons.
Not only swords and spears, but also axes and sickles.
You can adjust it to your own taste.
And the technique is released according to the proficiency level of the weapon.
Even if you clear it once, a harder mode is prepared and you can do it.
If I really had the time to spend on the game, I could have done something else.
But I have no regrets.

It was such a game.

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