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Wow What is this?

A game I enjoyed playing recently:Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

One of the games I've been enthusiastic about recently is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, where you can experience the world of Dragon Ball.

When I was a kid, a Dragon Ball anime was on the air, and I talked with my friends every week.
At that time, there was no SNS or internet yet, and there was a lot of excitement about freezer and cell. And one day, I thought I could be like Son Goku.

A few years after that, as an adult, I can't ride Kintoun unless I'm also Goku. I thought it would be exciting every day when I became an adult, but in reality, I was tired of getting angry at my boss and fighting with her for trivial matters.

However, a game that made me excited appeared.
A game that allows you to relive the world of Dragon Ball has come out.
Operate Son Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta to defeat nostalgic strong enemies.

And after all, it's an RPG.
Until now, many Dragon Ball games have been fighting games.
However, this is a game where you fight against enemies and strengthen yourself.
And you can explore the city that appeared in Dragon Ball. Not only that, you can eat rice and catch fish. You can reincarnate in the world.

Sounds interesting.
It's really interesting.

It's been a while since I've been playing games for hours.
Please try it out.

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