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Wow What is this?

A game I enjoyed playing recently:GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

This is a game set in Tsushima, an island that actually exists between Japan and South Korea.
The theme of the original nue is the offense and defense when the Mongol army, which conquered the continent about 750 years ago, attacked Japan.
In Tsushima, which was attacked by Mongolia, Jin Sakai, one of the few surviving samurai, is the main character.

What impressed me with this game was the appearance of landscapes, real castles and shrines that are exactly the same as the actual Tsushima.
According to what I heard, the staff went to the site and repeated detailed interviews.

It is no exaggeration to say that Japan's Tsushima 750 years ago has been completely reproduced.

The Tsushima Tourism Bureau also piggybacks on making videos, so please take a look if you like.

What kind of game is it is a game in which you control the main character Sakai and defeat Mongolian soldiers, samurai who turned over, and bandits alone.

In the process, you can get stronger skills by getting your friends to strengthen your weapons, finding hot springs to increase your physical strength, or getting blessings from the gods.
It's a completely open world game, so you can run around and collect materials at will.

However, the point of this game is not only such actions.
Understanding the samurai's heart will help you understand the story.
Sakai's spiritual distress, pride, and duty as a samurai.
Such things make Sakai's story deep and steep.

It is necessary to understand Bushido to understand what kind of mental structure the samurai had.
It was about 100 years ago that Nitobe Inazo introduced it to Europe and the United States as "Bushido".

In fact, in Japan, which became peaceful about 300 years ago, the first written samurai was a book that summarizes the achievements and work of past samurai in a book called "Hagakuer" as an indication of the path of a samurai.
Is the spirit of. "Hagakure" shows what the samurai's honor is, and describes how to act to protect the honor.
The reason for being too dogmatic is that the samurai at that time moved away from the war and prioritized their function as bureaucrats over their function as warriors.
However, it is also true that this has become established as the image of Japanese samurai.

Therefore, the samurai who appear in this game also ask Sakai, the main character, as an action guideline on how to protect "honor".
Sakai himself also asks himself.

But honor alone cannot win the war.
The Mongol army, at best, takes rational operations.
For example, a samurai gives a "Name-taking" when heading for an enemy.
Name-taking is a manner of talking about one's first and last name, achievements of ancestors, etc. for a long time.
After that, it becomes a single combat and the one who takes the head of the enemy wins.
The samurai does it against the Mongol army.
Naturally, the Mongol army will attack without hesitation.
That is why the samurai struggle very hard.
The way of war is different.
Although it remains in the picture scroll, you can clearly see the samurai who are in a mess with guns and arrows.

Sakai is in agony between himself as a samurai who protects his honor and himself who also uses cowardly hands in the process of protecting the islanders.
That is the key to this story.

Try playing the game anymore.
There is the answer of the samurai road that Sakai derived.

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