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Wow What is this?

A lineup of ONE PUNCH MAN characters!

Speaking of One Punch Man, the main character is a hero who has the strongest power to defeat any enemy with a single blow.

You can get them by buying a box!

The hero of the story and the strongest character.
25 years old, height 175 cm, weight 70 kg.
Has a toned and muscular body.
A skinhead man who wears red gloves and a yellow suit with a cloak when performing hero activities.

A young cyborg who is blonde and has black white eyes.
There is also a fan club that is so beautiful that it is evaluated as "one of the five handsome heroes".
Saitama's disciples and fans

Vaccine man
Disaster level dragon.
According to him, a human being who repeatedly pollutes the environment is regarded as a "pathogen", and a monster born by the will of the earth to destroy the civilization.

A person from Ninja Village who undertakes everything from assassinations to bouncers. Self-proclaimed "strongest ninja".
S-class bounty

Mosquito girl
Disaster level demon.
A female monster in the shape of a mosquito
Manipulate a myriad of mosquitoes at will (instructions reach a radius of about 50 kilometers), sucking up the target's blood and mummifying it.

Armored gorilla
Disaster level demon. A gorilla monster who has undergone cyborg surgery.
Speak in an inorganic single word.
He is the only monster created as an elite force to eradicate the archaic humans, and has since lived with the help of Dr. Genus's takoyaki shop "Takoyaki no Ie".

Disaster level tiger. A monster who mutated after eating too much crab.
It features a single brief on the body with crab-like scissors and shells.

Ashura Kabuto
Disaster level dragon. Beetle monster.
The strongest warrior in the "House of Evolution", the final form of artificial evolution created by Dr. Genus.

Trading figures from the popular TV anime "One Punch Man"!
Introducing a new trading figure collection with a cute deformed taste of about 6 cm!
Rare characters are also three-dimensional one after another!
Lineup: Saitama, Genos, Sonic, Vaccine Man, Canilante, Mosquito Girl, Armored Gorilla, Ashura Kabuto

All 8 types
1BOX 8 pieces
Specifications: Painted finished product, non-scale, dedicated pedestal included
Size: Overall height: About 6 cm each
Material: PVC

please note
It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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