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A miracle collaboration between the Hanshin Tigers and Ram-chan

The Hanshin Tigers is a popular Japanese team.
It has the second longest history after the Yomiuri Giants among the 12 existing professional baseball teams in Japan.
Therefore, it is a team with a large number of fans.
It is a team established in 1935.
Based in Osaka, the economic center of western Japan, it has a rivalry with the Yomiuri Giants in the east.
Therefore, when it comes to the Hanshin and Giants cards, it will be very busy.

On the other hand, Ram-chan is the main character of Urusei Yatsura.

Ataru Moroboshi, a flirtatious high school student, is said to be a slapstick romantic comedy set in a fictional town, Tomobiki Town, space, and another dimension, centered on Lamb, an alien girl who loves him.
This is an early masterpiece of Rumiko Takahashi, a legendary Japanese manga artist.

Lamb is also very popular in Japan, and although he is a character over 40 years ago, he is still very well known.

It is also used in the 2019 Tokyo Gas TV commercial.
It's wonderful because such popular people collaborated with each other.

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