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Wow What is this?

Aeris figure is cute and cool

Aeris is the heroine of FINAL FANTASY.

It has been remade and its cuteness has been refined.
I have a colleague in my company who looks a lot like me, but I'm so nervous that I can't speak to her. However, Aeris actively talks to the main character, Cloud. Well, it's a game …

Briefly, Aeris is one of the heroines alongside Tifa. Has brown hair and green eyes.
She wears a long pink dress and a red jacket, and her long hair is curly.
There are times when I speak normally, and when I speak in a characteristic way, such as omitting conjunctions or separating words.
She wears a "white materia", which is a keepsake of her mother and holds the key to the story, with a ribbon and carries it with her.

The clothes are elegant and mature, and at first glance it looks like a neat and gentle woman, but probably because she grew up in a slum environment, her personality is bright, bold and aggressive.
The push is very strong, and he feels free to say what he thinks, and he wants to dig into dangerous things without hesitation.

The favorable attack on the cloud was aggressive and bold.
This is in sharp contrast to Tifa, who looks cheerful and humble.
Tifa is not only a rival of love but also a good friend.

Speaking of Aerith's voice actor, Maaya Sakamoto is becoming established in Japan, but the cast of the overseas version changes frequently.
From FINAL FANTASY VII Remake, Briana White will play Aeris.

By the way, this figure has a very high degree of reproducibility.
Looking at the reviews, "I bought Play Arts for the first time, but I thought that the details were carefully crafted, there was no big difficulty in moving, the face was beautiful as it was, and it was worth the price."
It is full of acclaim, saying, "I'm so impressed that I can always meet Aeris, who I could only meet in the game."

Please decorate it.

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