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Wow What is this?

Amazing sweets that sell over 160 million in Japan!

Do you like chocolate bars? I also like it. You eat too much. There is such a big hit chocolate bar in Japan. Its name is "Black Thunder".

The secret of its popularity is that it's big and incredibly delicious. It became a hot topic on Valentine's Day with "At a glance you can see it as a courtesy chocolate".

We will approach the charm of this Black Thunder.

Note: Japan has a culture of giving chocolates to people you like on Valentine's Day. Giri is a chocolate given to people who are caring for the purpose of expressing appreciation on a daily basis while saying that they do not like it. It's a hassle.

First of all, the cocoa cookie taste is the taste that has existed since the product was released. The cocoa cookie is coated with chocolate so you can enjoy the crispy texture.

The original flavor is also sold in the United States. There is a report of the person who ate it, so please check it if you are interested.

If it has a standard taste, it can be eaten in the United States, so it's not unusual. But that is Japan, the country of arrangement. A wide variety of flavors are on sale.

This is honey butter flavor. By combining the jelly-like material of honey and the chocolate chips with butter flavor, the gentle taste of honey butter spreads to your mouth every time you chew.

Next is caramel taste. You can feel a deep caramel feeling by using caramel granules and candy chips. For caramel granules, we use Italian caramel, which boasts richness and depth. Almond paste enhances caramel even more.

This is a limited edition. This product is only available in Hokkaido (the coldest area in Japan) and has white chocolate flavor. Coated with white chocolate using Hokkaido milk.
It's a very delicious white black sander with the milky feel of white chocolate.

Finally, this is the Hokkaido limited strawberry Black Thunder. It is a strawberry flavor black thunder, but the rich aroma of strawberry chocolate spreads in your mouth and is delicious.

There are various flavors, so if you have the opportunity, give it a try !!

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