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Android 18 figure is very good

Speaking of androids, they are powerful enemies that appear in Dragon Ball.
Among them, No. 18 is overwhelmingly popular.
She is an android created by Doctor Gero.
She is a human-based biotype (cyborg) individual who has undergone remodeling surgery.
She is also a material for growing and evolving Android cells.

Her personality is cool and warlike, and she uses rough words and deeds.
Also, if she has something her want (especially clothes), she can steal it.
The future girls are particularly cruel, slaughtering most of the humans in the future world.
On the other hand, the modern girls are quite sharp due to the influence of the alteration of history, and they did not show any interest in damaging the other party more than necessary by "attacking if challenged".

After marrying Krillin, it seems that she is laying on her hips with high-pressure words and deeds, but she shows a glimpse of a good wife and wise mother, such as showing delicate concern for her daughter and husband.

The process leading up to the dating and marriage of No. 18 and Krillin is not mentioned in the work.
Regarding this point, the original author Akira Toriyama said, "I had a story in my head that I was gradually attracted to the serious and naive type of Krillin that I had never met, but I am not good at describing love.
I omitted it because of that. "

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