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Anime Gintama’s Kondo becomes a T-shirt!

Isao Kondo is the director of the armed police Shinsengumi, which has a base in Edo. He is an adult man who is well-received by the soldiers and is worthwhile. On the other hand, Shinpachi Shimura's older sister also has an aspect as a stalker who is strangely persistent.
He is a big man with a muscular ridge and a height of over 180 cm, often called a "gorilla" because of his appearance.


And in anime and manga, this person is generally in a comical position, making everyone laugh.

Please refer to the following for the introductory video.

When searching for the general's pet, the golden beetle, he sometimes stood in the woods with honey all over his body.
Yes, Kondo in this anime episode became a T-shirt.

A similar scene is reproduced in a movie.

It is also used as a special move in games.

From the TV anime episode 65 "Boys know the preciousness of life through beetles", this is a metallic shining design of Isao Kondo, who is trying to hunt beetles covered with honey, finished with a gold foil print.

Anime scene
Clothes design

With a standard style, you can use it in any scene.
Please use it in various scenes, from daily use to one for special occasions such as events.

Well, where do you actually wear it?
But it definitely stands out!
I want you to wear it outside if you can!

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