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Wow What is this?

Anyone can easily become Shiro Emiya !

Fate / stay night fans, don't you remember this outfit?

That's right. It is a casual wear of SHIROU EMIYA.
When I was shopping on the Internet somehow, this clothes was recommended for some reason.
I don't have any hobbies in cosplay, but I bought it without thinking.

SHIROU EMIYA is one of the protagonists of Fate / stay night.
I have summarized a simple profile.

◆ Outline

The main character of "Fate / stay night".
A boy who is an apprentice sorcerer (more precisely, a magician) who lives in Fuyuki City.
Seriously aiming to become a "friend of justice" under the influence of his adoptive father.
Engaged in the Holy Grail War, he accidentally summons Saber and becomes a master, and then struggles to stop the conflict.

Special skill is junk messing, home cooking, and other household chores.
At first, the main character is completely useless, but He will gradually increase my strength. It may be a story of his own growth.

Note: If you don't understand the story well, check out the trailer in the video below.

Clothes that anyone can become a Shiro.
If you like cosplay, you should definitely buy it.
However, I don't know if anyone wants to be Shiro …

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