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Wow What is this?

Attack on Titan Levi’s figure is cool

Attack on Titan's manga is the final episode.
Books also seem to sell well in Japan.

There was a video that briefly explained Attack on Titan, so I will introduce it.

Among them, Levi is by far the most popular.
He belongs to the research corps that expands the living area of human beings by stepping outside the wall where the giant lives.
It is praised as "the strongest soldier of mankind", and its strength is said to be about the same as one brigade (about 4000 people) alone.

For the time being, it's okay to feel like a strong and reliable boss.
This figure is a depiction of a giant being killed.

He use a weapon called a three-dimensional mobile device.
A set of devices worn around the waist of soldiers, developed by humankind who was driven to the brink of extinction by giants.

Anyone who volunteers for a soldier will be struck during the training period with the ability to handle it in preparation for a battle with a giant.
Since a set is provided to each soldier, it will be possible to distinguish it from other equipment by repeating attachment and detachment and inspection.

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