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Wow What is this?

Can you be a real ninja!

There are ninjas in Japan. If you are a ninja and can't imagine immediately, please see the illustration below.
Have you seen it somewhere?

The weapon thrown by this ninja is Shuriken.
Shuriken has been around in Japan for about 500 years as an affordable weapon for throwing away.
In Japan today, of course, you will be arrested if you just have it and do not report it.
In other words, it has power as a weapon.

Throwing 15 times with a flat cross shuriken against a target (circular stump) with a diameter of 30 cm set at a height of 130 cm corresponding to the human chest, 7 shots at 3 m, 4 shots at 4.5 m, 6 m Then, there is an experiment that two hits were obtained.

Regarding the power, in the rain, from the distance of 3 m, the telephone directory (the experiment was conducted outdoors. Unfortunately, the rain may have affected the result a little) was thrown 5 times and verified. However, it was said that the flat shuriken penetrated an average of 299 pages and the stick shuriken penetrated an average of 249 pages, and that the cross shuriken was more powerful.

The following is the state when throwing.
There is a competition that throws shuriken.

In short, it is a weapon that can kill people.
So it is dangerous to have such a weapon.
So, I will teach you how to easily get shuriken.

If you make a shuriken with origami, it looks cute and is safe.
In Japan, children often make and throw them.

Next is the magnet.
This is as if a shuriken is stuck in the refrigerator.
It makes me feel like a ninja from home.

Finally, it is a soap made of paper.
You can take it anywhere and wash your hands at any time.

There are no ninjas in Japan already, but there are always ninjas in the Japanese mind.

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