Wow What is this?


Introducing the Gundam plastic model, the soul of the Japanese

The figure of Nezuko of the Demon Slayer is cute

Next Big hit “Jujutsu Kaisen” Gojo-sensei figure is here!

A figure that reproduces the scene where One Punch Man crushes a meteorite is now available!

The overlord albedo was wrapped in a wedding dress.

The cute witch Ireina has become a figure

FF Sephiroth has become a cool figure.

If you like a girl, you’re just happy to be teased

Gohan’s cool figure. Appeared in two patterns, Ultimate and Gohan future!

Discover the mascot of the Japanese national anime “Doraemon”!

A lineup of ONE PUNCH MAN characters!

[Kimetsu no Yaiba] The figure of Giyu Tomioka moves! Impressed!