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Wow What is this?

Char’s Zaku plastic model is cool

Speaking of Zaku, it is a mobile suit that appears in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

In the official history of the setting, the so-called old Zaku, Zaku I, has appeared as the first "Zaku".
In the anime, Zaku II, the successor to this, appears as an enemy of Gundam.
Model number MS-06. It will appear as a general-purpose main mass-produced mobile suit that the Principality of Zeon is proud of.
Zaku has become so famous that it has become synonymous with the Principality of Zeon.

Introducing this time is Char's Zaku.
The feature is that it is red.

Model number MS-06S. The S at the end means for commanders. Commander aircraft are allowed to be painted in personal colors, the most famous of which is the one on which Major Char Aznable is on board.
As the name "Red Comet" suggests, Char's aircraft is painted in a reddish color that resembles a sunrise.

Char is the most important person in the Gundam series, depicted as an extremely talented soldier and pilot.
Humanly, he is a person who cannot simply be called a "cool adult character". That's what makes it so attractive.

Gundam has detailed settings and is very popular with adults and children.
Adults are crazy about Japan.

According to that setting, Char Aznable pushes the performance of Zaku II to the limit with its exceptional maneuvering ability, and although there is a difference between a general aircraft (F type) and a commander aircraft, it is "three times the normal" I got on the special plane at a speed that was feared as "speed".

Char is red. And red Zaku.
This is known to all Gundam enthusiasts in Japan.

Gundam is also the gold standard for robot anime.
Please pick up the plastic model and enjoy the world.

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