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Wow What is this?

Cloud weapons have become a keychain.

The buster sword is a huge sword that the main character Cloud has equipped from the beginning.

You will be advancing the scenario with this weapon for quite some time.
The timing to switch to another weapon is when you steal a hard breaker from Soldier: 3RD at Shin-Ra Building or buy a Mithril Saber at El Junon.
Cloud clothes and this sword cannot be sold for sale due to the drop of my best friend Zack.

By the way, Zack is Aeris's "first love person" and a genuine Soldier class first elite.
He was a cheerful, sociable, female-loving, and above all, Cloud's longing Soldier. He has everything that isn't in the cloud, and he's on good terms with the cloud, and he longs for Zack as a man.

However, the Niflheim incident changed everything.

In Niflheim's recollection, the first thing to play during the game is that two Soldiers, Sephiroth and Cloud, will investigate the magic pot that is happening on Mount Nibble.
Tifa is the guide, and Cloud heads to the Mage Furnace with Sephiroth.

First of all, the point that is inconsistent with the truth at this stage
Cloud returned to Niflheim as a companion general soldier rather than a Soldier
It was Zack who accompanied Sephiroth as a Soldier
There are two points.

Cloud is ashamed that he could only become a general soldier due to his lack of demon aptitude, and is involved in the Niflheim case without revealing his identity.
However, a human experiment conducted by Dr. Hojo "after" the Niflheim incident brought Jenova cells into the body, and the nature of Jenova confuses memory with Zack.
As a result, in the first recollection, there is a recollection as if he returned home as a Soldier with Sephiroth, but the memory is different from the actual Niflheim incident.

After that, he escapes with the help of Zack, but Zack dies and only Cloud is left behind.

Then, when he reached the area around Midgar, he was surrounded by a large number of Shin-Ra soldiers, and Zack responded while protecting the unconscious cloud. However, many are out of control, and Sachs leaves the buster sword in the cloud and dies.

It is a buster sword filled with such thoughts.

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