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Wow What is this?

Collaboration between Gucci and Doraemon

I often introduce Doraemon, but it is a national character of Japan.

Gucci may not be explained further now.
gucci was founded in Italy in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, who worked for the hotel.
Since that time, we have been handling high-end leather products such as travel bags and harnesses, and it was around this time that the Double G logo was born.

This is an explanation of Doraemon.

One day, under Nobita Nobi, an elementary school student who is not good at studying and exercising, Sewashi, a boy who claims to be the grandson of Nobita's grandson from the future, and Doraemon, a blue cat-shaped robot, from the drawer of the desk. appear.
Sewashi leaves Doraemon as Nobita's educator, with the advice that "Grandfather will lead a miserable life as it is".
At first, Nobita was confused, but after learning about the power of Doraemon's secret tools, he decided to welcome Doraemon and live with him in order to change the future conveyed by Sewashi.

So, what I'm going to introduce this time is a shirt.
The Gucci logo is made by Doraemon.
I think you can appeal to yourself differently from others!

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