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Demon Slayer Rengoku Kyoujurou Anime Figure

Rengoku Kyoujurou is one of the most popular figures.
He is the eldest son of a prestigious purgatory swordfighter who has produced many flame pillars since ancient times as one of the nine demon slaughter corps highest rank soldiers with the title of pillar "flame pillar".
The family is a clan that has inherited the "breath of fire" from generation to generation, and valuable materials such as memoirs written by successive flame pillars are also left in the purgatory residence.

Born in such a house, Kyoujuro is, of course, a genuine demon-killing swordfighter who has been practicing since childhood.
As a boy, he grew up receiving enthusiastic guidance from his father, who was also a pillar.
However, at some point he abandoned his position and role as a pillar and nurturer and began to drown in alcohol.
Therefore, since then, Kyoujuro continued to train alone, relying only on the three books of flame breathing that had been handed down to his family, and at the end he climbed up to the pillar.
It can be said that he is a man of talent and effort that does not depend solely on bloodline.

He is a cheerful.
In the spin-off work, even if the child who met for the first time laughed at the hair color, he did not get angry and gave a humorous reply, "Because my ancestors ate too much shrimp heaven!".
It is also characterized by a strong vocabulary, and almost always has a "!" Not only when speaking but also when thinking in the head.
He always has a confident smile and does not reveal hatred or grudge against the evil spirits.

He has a very good humanity, is not great even if he is strong, is very kind to others, has humor, and is perfect for his goals, but he is perfect. At the end, it is defeated by a demon.
However, despite the overwhelming difference in power, the appearance of fighting without giving up until the end caught the hearts of the Japanese.

The box office revenue of the movie exceeds 40 billion yen, and so far it is the number one in the history of Japanese movies.

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