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Wow What is this?

Desktop Super Mario 2021 calendar is now available

2020 is already over.
This year is the 35th anniversary of Mario's birth, so there were many things, but due to the fashion of Corona, the celebration has disappeared.

Mario and Luigi are probably the most famous brothers in the game world.。

Mario had no official name when it first appeared, and was commonly known as "Jumpman," "Rescue Man," or "Mr. Video Game."

On the other hand, Luigi is set as Mario's twin brother.
Personality is quieter than Mario. Unlike Mario, he is a little timid, timid, and has a sloppy personality.
Since it was positioned as a two-player character in the initial work, it is less noticeable than Mario and the place of activity is limited, so it may be ridiculed as the eternal second place.

What kind of year was this year?
I was shaken by her, I lost my house key, and I lost a lot of stock.
I hope next year will be a good year。

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