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Detective Conan’s figure is cute

Conan is a Japanese manga that has been serialized for almost 30 years.
Of course, it has been animated and made into a movie, but it is still a popular work that is ranked at the top of the box office revenue ranking.

Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective who has a father of a detective writer and a mother of a former actress and admires Sherlock Holmes, has both the detective power and insight that is comparable to an adult, and is showing an activity that is said to be the "savior of the Japanese police".

One day, Shinichi goes to an amusement park privately with his childhood friend Ran Mori, where he witnesses a trading scene of a mysterious organization.
Shinichi, crazy about seeing the deal, is beaten from behind by another member of the organization, Jin, and is given a poison (APTX4869) to seal his mouth.
However, due to the side effects of the drug, which the tissues did not know, all the tissues except the nerve tissue receded until early childhood, and became the body of the first grader.
Shinichi receives advice from his neighbor, Dr. Agasa, that if the organization knows that he is alive, he will be targeted again and the people around him will be harmed.
Then, hiding his identity, he calls himself Conan Edogawa, and thinks that information on a mysterious organization can be obtained because Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, is a detective, and stays at Ran's house.

Drink Chinese liquor Baijiu (Pical) with a cold, or Haibara's prototype of an antidote created by referring to the ingredients of Baijiu (effect is 24 hours, 12 hours if taken continuously) By drinking (shortened to), he can temporarily return to the original shape.

The name of Conan Edogawa comes from the novelists Ranpo Edogawa and Arthur Conan Doyle.
In the work, it is supposed that it was born from the name of "Edogawa Conan" by combining the names of these two people who happened to see it.

The series has exceeded 1000 times, and the number of characters has increased to more than 2000.

Even so, if you think about it, it's impossible to set it up so that you can move into elementary school with an appropriate name.

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