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Discover a T-shirt with Japanese quotes printed on it

"Even if my body decays in Musashi, I want to keep only the Yamato soul."

It is a phrase of the death poem of Shoin Yoshida.

Shoin Yoshida

The phrase of death poem is a waka poem written before the samurai died.
Shoin Yoshida was an educator 150 years ago, and trained many disciples to become prime ministers and revolutionaries of Japan later.
Shoin Yoshida himself has a revolutionary idea and works to overthrow the Edo Shogunate, which ruled Japan at that time, but in the end he is executed.
Such a Japanese poem by Shoin Yoshida became a shirt.
Well … it's bad for Shoin, but it's "bad"

"I will wash Japan once again"
This is the word of Ryoma Sakamoto, a samurai from the Edo period and a revolutionary who opened up the next era.

Ryoma Sakamoto

Ryoma Sakamoto is a very popular samurai in Japan, and Ryoma was the one who created the opportunity to defeat the Edo Shogunate.
It's a samurai that no one knows in Japan.
Many people are aiming for Ryoma Sakamoto, but he will be assassinated at the end.
It is such a quote of Ryoma Sakamoto.
After all … "It's not good"

"Interesting in a world without anything"
This is also a samurai from the Edo period and is a waka poem by a revolutionary named Shinsaku Takasugi.

Shinsaku Takasugi

It means that the world can be both interesting and boring with the mind.
He is a very talented person, a hero, but he dies early from pulmonary tuberculosis.
I like this T-shirt …

"Tenka Fubu"
This is the wording used by Nobunaga Oda, a hero of the Warring States period, for his seal.
It is said that it is a statement of determination to create the world of Taihei Tenka.

Nobunaga Oda is a hero who used his overwhelming military power to reach the unification of the world in the world of war that had continued until then.
He overwhelmed other daimyo with his revolutionary policies, eccentric ideas, and unconventional politics.

Nobunaga Oda

However, he is rebelled by his vassal, Akechi Mitsuhide, and commits suicide.
That T-shirt … It takes a little courage to wear it.

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