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Wow What is this?

Do you know Cat Cat Wars?

This work is a tower defense game in which the Cat army is dispatched from your own castle and the enemy's castle (referring to the attributes of the Nyanko Great War) is attacked.
Players challenge enemies by forming 10 bodies from various characters.

The characters are cats.
Or rather, it's a mysterious creature that resembles a cat.

As of July 2021, it has exceeded 61 million downloads, so it is a relatively popular content.
At the time of the development of this work, there were only nine employees of Ponos, of which only three were the producer, designer, and programmer.
No more manpower was required, so the character design became simple, "anyone could draw." As a result, a character that I don't understand was born.

Introducing this time is a character called Tankneko.
"Tank cat" is an excellent wall that plays an active part from the beginning to the end with high durability as well as low cost and fast production speed and mass production.
It's cute that she doesn't look very smart.

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