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Wow What is this?

Do you know Gudetama?

Gudetama is a character created by Sanrio.
If you look closely, Gudetama is a yellowish egg, but it has a somewhat unmotivated attitude.

It seems that Japanese people are healed by this, so I don't really understand what Japanese people are.。

Let's introduce Gudetama's profile.

Boiled or roasted, or raw.
There are many ways to cook it, but it's an unmotivated egg.
The egg you're trying to eat may also be squishy !?
I'm not sure.

There seems to be an Ichiou theme song, but I'm not impressed to hear it.

Introducing this time is CABLE BITE.

This protects the connector connections that weaken over time.
It may be fun to attach it by itself or by connecting it.

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