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Wow What is this?

Do you know Ultraman?

A hero known to adults in Japan. That is Ultraman.
This Ultraman collaborated with the American hero Spider-Man.
It seems that the serialization will start in comics.
This is the title.

The Ultraman series has continued since the start of the "Ultra Q" broadcast on January 2, 1966, until 2020.
The Ultraman series basically inherits the characteristics of the original Ultraman.

I summarized the story of the first Ultraman.

Hayata, a member of the Science Special Investigation Corps, tracks the blue and red spheres with a small beetle, but crashes and dies after colliding with the red sphere.

The identity of the red sphere was Ultraman.
He, a Nebula M78, came to Earth following the space monster Bemler (the true identity of the blue sphere) who escaped during the escort to the space graveyard. And, out of guilt for having killed Hayata inadvertently, Ultraman decided to give Hayata his life and fight to protect the peace of the earth.
In this way, Ultraman and Hayata became one and the same.

After that, Hayata ignites the beta capsule and transforms into Ultraman, fighting monsters and aliens.

In other words, Ultraman settings are aggregated as follows.
1: Ultraman is an alien. He works as a space guard to protect the peace of space.
2: Transform into Ultraman by using something that makes humans hook
3: Ultraman fights against monsters and aliens appearing from space, another dimension, and somewhere on Earth.
4: Ultraman can only stay on Earth for 3 minutes
5: Ultraman has a special move.

The following is the transformation scene of successive Ultraman.

Ultraman's theme song is a theme song that everyone in Japan knows.

"Ultraman 7 theme" which is popular among Ultraman fans.

Introducing my Ultraman collection here.
It's a doll about 25 years ago, so it's a little dirty.

Most boys have this type of doll.
Most boys have this type of doll.
Ultra 7. The corner of the head is removable. Defeat the enemy with this.
Father and mother of Ultra. Captain of the Space Guard.
Fake Ultraman. The true identity is a monster.
Ultraman 80. That was the name because it appeared on TV in 1980.

Actually, there are many more, but I couldn't introduce them because there were too many. I would like to introduce it if there is an opportunity.

I hope Japanese heroes will become known around the world.

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