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Doraemon’s fan has a good taste

Doraemon is a Japanese national cartoon character.
That character became an ukiyo-e.
Ukiyo-e is based on the work of Hiroshige Utagawa called "Ohashi Atake no Yudachi".

I will briefly introduce this work.

"Ohashi" is the "Shinohashi" that was built over the Sumida River, and the land of "Atake" can be seen on the opposite bank.
There is Ofunagura of the Shogunate here, and it got this name because the Onzabune Ayake Maru was once moored.
It is impressive to see people wearing umbrellas or rather rushing in a hurry in the heavy rain. The rain, which is represented by two types of lines with different angles and densities, gives the screen even more depth.
This work is also known to have been copied by Van Gogh along with "Plum Park in Kamedo".

This is a folding fan, but this is the product I will introduce this time.
A folding fan is one of the tools that creates a wind with a folding fan, and has existed since ancient times in Japan.
The usage is like this.

This is for the purpose of getting cool by opening the fan at hand and blowing the wind by yourself when it is hot.
Note that due to its delicate structure, it is not suitable for sending strong winds.

It's great just to make Doraemon an ukiyo-e, but I think it's even more wonderful because it uses the masterpiece of ukiyo-e as a motif.

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