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Dragon Ball Z Goku Son Gokou Genki Dama

Genki Dama is Son Goku's Special Move, and is usually used to stop the enemy.

However, it is often played by strong enemies and has no effect, and is often used for scenes where you are desperate for the strength of the enemy you are working on.

The mystery that King Kai taught to Son Goku.
The technique of raising both hands and collecting energy little by little from nature to make a sphere and throwing it.
Depending on the amount collected, you can also make a huge sphere.
Although its power is enormous, it is a great skill that can destroy the entire planet, so the King of the World allows you to use only one shot when there is nothing you can do about it.

It can be used by good people, and when Vegeta came to Earth, Krillin used it instead of Son Goku, who fell and couldn't move.

Although it is a powerful technique, in the original manga, it often fits in to the extent that it causes great damage to a mighty opponent, and the only way to stop it is the pure Buu battle.

Such a famous special move has become a figure.
What's more, the LED lights up the spirit ball!

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