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Dragon Quest slime figure is cute

Speaking of Dragon Quest, it is an RPG that represents Japan.
Among them, slime is a monster that most people in Japan know.

Slime has become the mascot of this series because it looks so adorable, and this slime always appears in the Dragon Quest series and related works.

There are a wide variety of races with the name "Slime" in the Dragon Quest series of games.

Introducing this time is the base slime and king slime.
Slime is blue and is the basis of all slime.
In many works, it appears from the beginning as the weakest monster in the game.

King slime is a huge blue slime with a crown.
Eight united slimes may be united to form this figure.
It attacks to crush the opponent by making the best use of the huge body.

Akira Toriyama, who was in charge of character design for the Dragon Quest series, had a gummy-like substance on his water-drop-shaped (also called onion-shaped) body because it was difficult to design a muddy one, and laughed with big round eyes.
The design is easy to get close to by giving it a U-shaped mouth as if it were. Akira Toriyama is famous as the creator of Dragon Ball.

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