wow-whats-this Eh, isn't this a sword? Amazing surprise. | wow-whats-this

Wow What is this?

Eh, isn’t this a sword? Amazing surprise.

Katana may be associated with Japanese samurai weapons or ninja weapons.
No one uses Katana anymore in Japan, but Katana are still proud of Japan.

There is a story by the person who had the Katana.
For example, a samurai named Tokugawa Ieyasu didn't like the Katana called Muramasa. This is because his father and grandfather are killed with the "muramasa".
His enemy, who knows it, is said to have prefered "Muramasa".

Tokugawa Ieyasu finally conquered Japan, but the last enemy of Ieyasu was Yukimura Sanada.
Sanada Yukimura died one step later without killing Ieyasu, but his bravery was praised as "the best samurai in Japan.

This is a gem with his Katana as a motif.

The appearance of hanging on the Katana creates an overwhelming atmosphere.

That's kind of small…
Yes, this is actually chopsticks.

It may be a little difficult to use, but it works well as chopsticks.
Above all, you can eat rice as if you were a samurai!

Japan has always had a culture of making these miniatures.
It's a mixture of the ancient Japanese soul of a Katana and the culture of making miniatures.
I decorate it without using it :^)

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