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Evangelion and potato chips collaborate

Evangelion, an anime that otaku all over the world was enthusiastic about, was packaged in potato chips.

"Evangelion Koikeya Pride Potato Shock Consomme" / 55g
"Evangelion Lake Ikeya Pride Potato Inspiring Light Salty" / 55g

It is a lineup, but it is not so shocking or emotional, but it is delicious potato chips as it is.

Everything seems to be released in the movie, it seems to be part of the promotion of it.

It seems that the movie was delayed in June due to the epidemic of coronavirus.

There are several types of packages, but I would like to introduce some of them.
There are two original packages each.
"Shock Consomme" is the main character "Ikari Shinji" and "Shikinami Asuka Langley".
"Emotional light salty taste" is drawn with "Rei Ayanami" and "Kaworu Nagisa", respectively.

It's been over 20 years since it was broadcast in 1995. I think it's amazing that it's been popular for a long time.

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