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Wow What is this?

Evangelion x KATE Red Nude Rouge sold out in Japan in 3 days.

Online only, limited quantity sale, 3 out of 4 colors sold out in just 3 days after release.
Recently, such collaborations between anime and games and cosmetics are not uncommon.

Speaking of collaboration between cosmetics and anime so far, characters that are likely to be cosmetic brands, such as "Sailor Moon" and Disney Princess, have been the mainstream.
However, the current trend is more two-dimensional content, and KATE's collaboration with Evangelion,
"Kate Red Nude Rouge," also depicts the character Rei Ayanami on the entire outer box.

Evangelion, a collaboration partner of KATE, also has a wide fan base.
The latest movie "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" will start screening on March 8, but the first series will be the TV animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion" that started in 1995, and its history will be more than 30 years.
Fans in the TV anime era are already middle-aged, and because of their style, there are many male fans, but why did you become a KATE collaboration partner whose main target is young women?

Rei Ayanami is the heroine of the work, a character whose ego grows in the story. The appearance of Rei Ayanami, who decides her own life, and the brand philosophy overlapped.

Already a classic in the anime world, it's still a popular character.
Please buy it.

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