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    <p>Bush’s latest portable DAB+ radio isn’t just called the Bush Walker because it’s a funny product name.</p><div class=”compareWrapper” data-component=”readMore” data-read-more-options='”url”:”\/products\/compare\/bush-walker-bpr07dab\/xhr\/”,”event”:”ready”‘>
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    <p>Well, OK, 폴리우레탄 we’re pretty sure that the slightly amusing nature of the name has a pretty big part to play in why this particular radio is so defined. But it’s also because it’s an incredibly small and light DAB+. We’ve seen portable pedometers larger than the Bush Walker. Bush’s release notes describe it as “not much bigger than a matchbox” and it’s accurate enough, 폴리우레탄 with a central set of squishy directional buttons sitting below a simple backlit LCD display. The rear of the Bush Walker is large enough for the two AAA batteries that power the unit, and not a whole lot else besides.</p>

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    </div></div><p>As DAB+ radios go, the Bush Walker is understandably on the simple side. It allows for four quick preset stations, along with scrolling through a list to select all other stations, can display RDS information (where it’s broadcast) and can quickly mute the incoming radio.</p>

    <p>The one thing you don’t get in the main radio body is an antenna. That might seem like a rather vital omission for a radio of any type, 폴리우레탄 but the Bush Walker uses a trick beloved by many mobile phones with in-built radio functions. The headphones that you plug into the unit act as the antenna. A pair of painfully ordinary bud headphones with adjustable tips are provided in the box.</p>

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