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    <br>n<br> You have presumably no identity on the net, so it makes you lose inhibitions,’ said the police official. You don’t have to commit to anything more than a date when you visit Online Booty Call. You can turn to Online Booty Call for a casual approach to online dating. When joining, you’ll enter in your gender, age, zip code, and interest, and then click “Find Booty.” Online Booty Call has millions of members available at a click of a button. The specified group can then watch the video live. The camera streams live video to EE’s own live-streaming website, called Skeegle. It doesn’t work with Periscope or any other existing live-streaming options; if you want to share on other sites such as YouTube, record the footage and upload it as a video file. The camera records full high definition 1080p video at 30 frames per second, or you can drop the resolution for smoother 60fps footage. 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