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Stuck Together, the most hilarious and hilarious Western movie set in Paris

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    Stuck Together, a very simple French comedy film from Netflix. that brings the story of the coviral virus as a channel For composing stories of joy and enjoyment of people during quarantine from the epidemic without discouraging

    by writing a mellow chapter with many flavors and the spontaneous performances of child and adult actors. Along with documentary-style filming mixed with indie movies that look good and are interesting to follow. with important messages to ponder after watching the end very well as well

    Stuck Together, or Thai name “Troublesome Lockdown on Building No. 8”, is a comedy-drama film from France. which brings the story closer to the human being that is happening When the coronavirus spreads, everyone has to quarantine. The birth of the way that movies of this era choose to be told in different perspectives according to their vision and understanding. Thriller, drama, horror

    But this is a hilarious, but not the only good, hilarious story that happened in the city of Paris. France, due to the ability to supervise and write the scripts of Dani Boone and fellow comedian Laurence Arne. his from France including playing the lead role in the story It was this inventive idea that forced Netflix to buy the final streaming show.


    In 2021, humans face a war. In a great war that the world has never been prepared to deal with. The corona virus has engulfed the whole world. Including in Paris, the French government has issued a statement requiring citizens to be detained in housing and must be certified.

    Even if the act of starting to travel outside the place Make building number 8 an apartment that was rented out by The wealthy and selfish families had to adjust their behavior in order to survive.


    A fun story, but not overpowering. There are many flavors, including hilarious, romantic, drama, ดูหนังออนไลน์ investigative, natural acting of all stars. A chapter which can make every single story beautifully frowned upon. Filming and producing images that look good. Important social messages invite pondering. Reflecting on the real story of society during the covid epidemic


    The story turns out to be normal. Due to the arrest of the lead during detention Funny jokes have a lot of flair. Most of the fun comes from acting. Telling a story a little bit makes it a bit boring.


    It’s a comedy movie, but it smells like real-world drama. It is a reflection of human society at the time of the epidemic. with a light, comfortable tone with a small end to not feel uneasy according to the world society now However, it also aims to give joy, aspirations, life, and relationships that they have together. Including various human dimensions, from normal to insane.

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