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    Townhome Autumn Residence Petchkasem 114 is a 3-storey townhome suitable for people in the Bang Khae-Petchkasem area. Want to find a townhome that focuses on living space. It is a small village project not far from the main road. and within the radius of the future electric train

    Autumn Residence’s location is at the mouth of Soi Petchkasem 114, Phutthamonthon Sai 3 and Sai 4, classified as the tip of Bangkok in Nong Khaem district and is the boundary of 3 provinces, namely Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom and Samut Sakhon. Each morning, บ้าน I have to say that Petchkasem Road is quite heavy. Especially during the junction of the ring and Bang Khae. Especially during the time when the traffic is very congested because at present (2013) there is still construction of the MRT Blue Line Extension, Hua Lamphong – Bang Khae. The terminal station will be located at Phutthamonthon Sai 4, making this location development to the next level. All village projects in this area will also have by-products.

    All Phutthamonthon zones, including Thawi Watthana, were flooded in late 2011. which people in this area know each other And people who come to buy a house in this zone must understand and accept the facts in the past.

    In order to buy a house for more than 3 million at the end of Bangkok, you have to look at other alternatives to compare. The competitors of this Autumn Residence project are mostly located on the Kanchanaphisek line. Bang Khae Ring Road which can be viewed as an option For those who use traffic on the ring line mainly. Or will go on the Boromma line, Phutthamonthon Sai 3 or 4, go into the alley a little deeper. will get a detached house for the same price But the interior space and convenience may not be compared to a 3-storey townhome.

    The equipment provided at Autumn Residence is quite standard. The house style looks ok. The exterior look is Modern, beautiful, but the interior plan, I prefer the Privasi style. The width of the functions may be slightly less than the Cosi type because it has to lose the space for the front stairs. But the function is more perfect.

    Location and ease of transportation 40%, safety 15%, design and usable space 15%, materials 10%, green space and project condition 10%, and utilities 10%.

    Compared to packages 3 – 4 million baht, 3 June 2013

    Location and ease of travel 7/10 – suburbs, almost next to Petchkasem Road, 7-11 in front of the village,
    location (behind the train) 8/10
    Security 7.5/10 – downed fence Security guard in front of the village
    Design and usable space 8/10 – good looking, usable space,
    materials 7.5/10 – the standard of this level.
    Green area and project condition 7/10 – clean project condition But the green area is a bit less.
    Utilities 7/10 – Park behind the village
    7.28 / 10.00 (before the train) – 7.68 /10.00 (after the train)

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