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Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is an anime movie that tells the story of teenage.

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    The anime movie Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is another movie that feels like something special. It is very hidden in bringing the story. or looking in these points with the storytelling options. and the composition is quite suitable

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    anime movie
    movie review
    anime movie summary

    anime movie
    regarded as a story If translated into Thai, it is “Another word with a love heart” is an anime from the original netflix broadcasting. The love story of a shy young man. There seems to be an interesting point in playing through haiku poetry. It’s very simple and straightforward for a short summer. The most special of them ever. And it’s still an issue with playing through the story. in the interest of the components or something that is quite wonderful and quite diverse.

    can be considered as another story That celebrates the 10th anniversary of the developer FlyingDog was brought to netflix with the story of a favorite boy. The poem is very much. Because he is shy and does not like to talk. with anyone and working part-time in a nursing home

    opposite story with a cheerful girl that has a clue to hating rabbit teeth causing them to wear a mask to cover themselves all the time and met by chance and after The two begin to fall in love with each other, but they turn out to be reluctant to show it. To such regrets …

    movie review

    is a poetic story with the interesting love of young teenagers That’s a pretty cool issue and composition to the gist. to something that is suitable for interesting diversity In addition, this story has a Thai voice. That’s pretty cool and easy to understand.


    regarded as the story Simple, no and ดูหนังออนไลน์ no peak. Something special again Again, the character of the protagonist It has a lack in itself, including The characters lack charm and are uninteresting, and the scenes look hard, emphasizing flashy colors. until it looks deceiving and includes the characters of friends The protagonist looks very overwhelmed and looks too lacking, giving him a feeling of no less annoyance.

    anime movie summary
    for this anime movie When actually viewed, there is nothing new at all. There’s a very smooth and sparse storyline. Goes with everything that has been presented from the beginning. until the end in a way that doesn’t feel anything at all Repetitive and quite boring to the point that it’s acceptable. But when looking at the real thing, if anyone likes indie lines and blended with anime-style lines and drawings Beautiful and this story was able to answer. No less interesting stories and issues.

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