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Wow What is this?

Gohan’s cool figure. Appeared in two patterns, Ultimate and Gohan future!

Gohan is the son of Goku, the main character of the anime Dragon Ball.
However, he is not a combat enthusiast like his father, and he is not interested in pursuing strength, and he trains only when the need for a strong enemy appears.
However, due to its high potential, it sometimes played an active part as the strongest character in the work as a trump card.
Eventually, he moved away from the martial arts and became a scholar.

This is where the strongest class of power in the work was obtained by having the god of the world release the potential beyond the limit.

Confront the Majin Buu who was struggling with everyone, and overwhelm with the amazing fighting power that unleashed the potential.

And this is Gohan in the future.

Gohan of a different dimension in the story of the world where Trunks came from the future.
In this world, his father, Son Goku, has already died from a viral heart disease, and in the battle with Android, Piccolo and all his friends are killed.
Gohan, the only one left, continues to fight the android.
While training trunks, he fights against androids …

Product specifications
From "Dragon Ball Z", Ultimate Son Gohan is lined up in Figure-rise Standard!
-Equipped with muscle build system.
Assemble the ultimate Son Gohan!

"Ultimate Son Gohan" and "Super Saiyan Son Gohan (Future)" can be reproduced with a selection formula using parts.

-Hair, sleeves, waistband, and shoes are included as new parts to reproduce Super Saiyan Son Gohan (future).
The sticker reproduces the scratches on the face and the characters on the back.
-Two facial expressions are included, "normal" and "screaming".
-Two types of effect parts are included.

・ Facial expression parts x 2
・ Super Saiyan Son Gohan (future) reproduction parts x 1 set
・ Hand parts (left and right) x 2 types each
・ Energy wave x 2 (accumulation, emission)
・ Energy wave pedestal x 1
・ Joint parts for mounting the action base x 1
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Marking sticker x 1

(c)Bird Studio / Shueisha / Toei Animation

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The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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