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Wow What is this?

Got a Dragon Ball Scouter.

You can really get anything from Amazon.
I also sold a dragon ball scouter.
If you are not familiar with scouters, please watch the video below.

This was to measure the fighting power of the opponent, and all the Frieza corps had it.

There was a very easy-to-understand graph regarding combat power.

By the way, with regard to this combat power, if you train hard, you can measure the power of the opponent with "Ki".
This seems to be a special skill that only those who live on Earth can have.
Friezas who could not feel this "ki" quantified the fighting power of the opponent with "scouter" and confirmed the difference between them.

You can use the scouter that this Frieza army had!

You can communicate with Vegeta and Freezer with the touch of a switch!

Moreover, there are two colors!

It's completely useless in everyday life, but it may be useful when Vegeta invades Earth.

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