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Wow What is this?

Grab a pot with Yoshi

What do you do when you grab the pot?
Well, you usually use mittens to grab the pot.

Some people do this with mittens, but…

I think there are many people who use pot holders on the wall.
Then, as you can see in the picture, it looks like a kitchen that looks like a dead landscape.

Therefore, this is recommended for those who want to enjoy the kitchen even a little.

It is the character "Yoshi" that appears in the famous Mario game.
Check out the video below to see who he is.
I used to play Mario games when I was a kid…

Most of these products are preceded only by design, and there are many cases where the practicality is quite delicate, but this is not the case.
Above all, it's cute.
With a hot kettle, it looks like Yoshi is working hard.

It's cute as an interior, and you can display it inside a stuffed animal without any discomfort.
I'm not good at cooking, but I felt like I could do my best with Yoshi.

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