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Wow What is this?

GuP tanks are on sale as plastic models

First of all, what is GuP? A simulated battle between tanks has been made into a competition as a traditional martial art for women, and won the national tank battle tournament in a world called tank road, which is recognized as a taste of Yamato nadeshiko along with flower arrangement and tea ceremony. An original anime that depicts the struggles of high school girls aiming for.

I don't understand a little. Let's watch the video for the time being.

Looking at the comments …

Even if I try to say what I think of this anime, there are so many good points that I can only say "Garpan is good".

Note: Garupan means GuP

At the time of Garupan's first broadcast "What? Tank competition? Playful feeling odd ww Fucking animation confirmed ww"
Currently, "Garpan is good! Duce! Duce! Duce!"

To be honest, I licked it at first, but this was the first time I was addicted to buying a Blu-ray as I started broadcasting and watched it.

The combination of tank and Jk is absolutely useless w

Note:JK is an abbreviation for high school girls in Japanese.
Currently → Garupan is good

What is this impression? .. ..
If I introduce it to the fans, it's content that I'm likely to get burned …

In such a situation, I would like to introduce the tank of "Ankou-san Team".

Ankou's team is the original A team consisting of the main character Miho and 5 second graders of friends.
The vehicle used is Panzer IV D type with German gray paint.
Initially, the Chinese numeral "6" was painted in white on the turret, and in the practice performed before the OVA's battle with Anzio, the character "Piyopiyo" was written as an aggressor for the P40 heavy tank.

It is the captain's car of Oarai Girls' Academy, and also serves as the flag car in the national tournament finals and exhibition matches in the movie version.

I can't introduce this unless I'm familiar with tanks.
So at first everyone was.
I thought it was just a cute schoolgirl riding a tank.
But what is this?
It's a long time ago anime, but it's new, but I recommend watching it.

Garupan is good! !!

please note
It is shipped from Japan.
The link destination is Japanese.
Since the price is in Japanese yen, the price will change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

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