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Have you ever seen a raccoon figurine in Japan!

In Japan, animals have been personified for a long time.
Above all, the raccoon dog is a popular animal in Japan along with the fox.
It has long been said that raccoon dogs trick people.
However, as for the raccoon dog, the last stuffing is sweet, and it is revealed that it is a raccoon dog.
So, from ancient times, Japanese people have tended to feel charm and warmth to creatures called raccoon dogs.

Those who have come to Japan may have seen it.
Have you ever seen a raccoon figurine at the storefront?

This is called Shigaraki ware and is a pottery figurine.
It's very different compared to a real animal raccoon dog.

Actually, this figurine has various meanings.

Hat: A hat that always guards against accidents and disasters
Face: The world is broad and friendly, and we do our best to maintain good faith.
Eyes: Do not forget to look at everything right and left and right
Passbook: First and foremost, trust is the first activity in the world.
Sake bottle: Blessed with food and drink, virtue is secretly attached to me
Belly: Things are always calm, with a big decency
Gold bag: Treasure of money can be operated freely
Tail: Everything ends up in a big happiness.

These raccoons have also become Ghibli anime.

So if you have a chance to come to Japan, please find a raccoon dog.

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