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Hellsing OVA is insanely interesting

Kouta Hirano's manga "HELLSING" has been decided to be made into a live-action movie in Hollywood.
The greatest attraction of this work is the numerous wise sayings that are spun in a unique way from the characters who do not shake.

First is the synopsis.

At the end of the 20th century, a mysterious vampire incident occurred frequently in Britain, and the Royal Knights of the Kingdom, commonly known as the "Hellsing Organization," took action, but the Hellsing Headquarters was assaulted and suffered great damage.
On the other hand, he has a cooperative relationship with Vatican, who is a friend of dogs and monkeys, and his direct report "Judas Iscariot" through twists and turns, and learns that the mastermind behind the case is the organization "Millennium" by the Nazi remnants who fled to South America.
After the battle in Brazil, it turns out that the identity of the "Millennium" is a unit of a man called "Major" who was crushed by the Hellsing organization at the end of the war.

The Major declares war at a meeting of the British royal family, and the Iscariot agency, which was ignored by the Major while there, plans to crush both the British and the Millennium.
The Millennium then led a unit of 1,000 vampires to assault the British mainland again, and the Vatican's Ninth Aerial Mobile Crusaders, who took advantage of it, joined in to start a three-way war with the Hellsing organization.

The charm of this work is the unique lines and the presence of a ridiculous villain major.
And Alucard, the leading vampire, is very strong.
His famous line is, "It's always a human being to defeat a thing. You have to be a human being !!".

The Royal Knights, the maiden who is the director of the so-called "Hellsing Institution", "Integra Hellsing Wingates Hellsing", commonly known as "Integra".
A member of the "Round Table Conference", a group of important people who pledge allegiance to the British royal family and who dominate Britain from the back, he is the youngest and most talented person.

And the biggest enemy, the Major.
He stands in this character even though his real name is not revealed in the work and he is called only by class and job title. Moreover, he is short in appearance, obese, wears glasses, and although he is far from the "military man" whose shooting is devastating, he likes war and does not know that his madness will remain.

"To enjoy the joy of war infinitely. For the next war. For the next war."
This line represents his madness.

The quotes introduced this time are only a small part of this work, and in reality, many quotes that can not be introduced here are packed from the beginning to the end of the story.
Please take a look at this work and check it out.

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