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Wow What is this?

I definitely want a FF7 cloud doll

Speaking of cloud, it is the main character of FF7.
FF7 is a recently remade game, but it was first released in 1997, so it was about 20 years ago. It's great because it's still popular.

The outline of the story is as follows.
"Midgar" is a city where scientific civilization prospered, which is dominated by the world-class giant "Shin-Ra Company".
"Avalanche" is an organization that opposes the policy of the Shin-Ra Company, which exploits the magical energy that is also the life energy of the stars and uses it as power energy.
Their struggle continued for a long time and was only intensifying, including the assassination of the Avalanche leader by Shin-Ra.

One day, Avalanche carries out an operation to blow up the Ichiban Makoto Furnace.
It was an unsuccessful and epic operation for Avalanche, who was on the verge of collapse in front of an overwhelming enemy.
Therefore, Avalanche will hire Cloud, who is a member of the former Shin-Ra Company's direct unit Soldier and is currently a mercenary business, as a helper.

For Cloud, who has lost much of his memory of the past, this task, which was just one of the lucrative stories, later reveals his tragic and harsh past and will influence the future of the planet.
At that time, Cloud had no way of knowing that it would be a prelude to throwing himself into the fight.

Introducing this time is a cloud doll.
Let's talk about the cloud again.

He is a former Soldier class 1st (first), a young mercenary who currently runs an "everything shop". Cloud heads to rescue Aeris and learns that the supposedly dead hero Sephiroth was alive.
Sephiroth was the killer who destroyed his hometown Niflheim five years ago and forced Cloud and Tifa into their current situation.
Clouds who rescued Aeris leave Midgar and embark on a journey to pursue Sephiroth.

Cloud is a poor character in that half-life, but I thought it would be better to know it by playing the game, so I will omit it.

Why is such a cloud so popular?

The information collected on the net is as follows.
1.1 “Former” Soldier
1.2 Mysterious past
1.3 Chocobo-headed handsome
1.4 Tsundere
1.5 You can bike and snowboard
1.6 Strong without hamper

In any case, Cloud is a popular character that has been around for a long time.

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