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Wow What is this?

I found a kit to become a sushi chef

It takes a long time to become a sushi chef.
Moreover, it is quite harsh.

First, let's review the definition of sushi.
Generally, Japanese food that combines sushi (vinegared rice) and neta (mainly seafood) is called sushi.
In addition to fresh seafood, it is not uncommon for ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and eggs to be used as ingredients.

There are several etiquettes when eating sushi.

1: Talk to the craftsman
When you visit a sushi restaurant that is close to the sushi chef, please talk to them.
It seems that the hurdles are high, but you can enjoy a more fulfilling meal by listening to the recommendations of the day and telling your favorite foods and allergies.

2: Eat nigiri sushi by hand instead of chopsticks
In some cultures, hand-held meals are not welcomed, and nowadays it is common to eat sushi with chopsticks even in Japan. Of course, how to eat is personal preference, but if you are comfortable with it, please pick it up and taste it.
In fact, the sushi that the sushi chef puts his skill into sushi is delicately adjusted to the amount of air so that it melts just right when you put it in your mouth.

3: Eat nigiri sushi with a bite
In Europe and the United States, there is the idea of one spoon, but sushi is often seasoned with the assumption that it will be eaten in one bite.

4: Add soy sauce to the ingredients, not the rice
At sushi restaurants where the sushi chef holds the sushi in front of you, there are cases where the sushi is served with sauce applied.
This is a consideration to prevent unnecessarily strong seasoning and shape loss that occur when adding soy sauce to rice.

By the way, the toy I will introduce this time is a sushi set for children.
To be honest, this doesn't mean you can be a sushi chef, but your kids may be interested in cooking.

Your child will love playing sushi chef with a friend.
Promotes kinesthetic training, role playing, and creativity.
Recommended for ages 3 years and up.
Perfect for pretend play and introducing concepts of whole and part.
Great toys for kids' early development, encourage gross and fine motor skill development.

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