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Wow What is this?

I found a lovely dog ??chopstick rest!

Do you guys like dogs?
I've been a bit weak since I was bitten when I was a kid.
But I like animals.

What is strange about humans is that there is a culture that deforms animals in any culture.
Japan has such a rich culture, and has been drawing manga for over 1,000 years.
The figure below is a cartoon called "Beast Caricature" drawn by an old person.

It has nothing to do with manga, but it has inherited that culture.
I happened to get a dog chopstick rest this time.
How is this shape?

I think the original model was the Boston Terrier breed.
If you look closely, it looks like something.

Let's actually put the chopsticks.

Doesn't it look like a dog is adding chopsticks?

If such goods are all around you, you will have a pleasant atmosphere at the dining table.

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