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Wow What is this?

I like Piranha Plant puppets

Pac-n-Flower is an enemy character like a cannibal plant that comes out of a clay pipe.
The origin of the name is "Pakun", the sound of eating and flowers in English.
The name in the English version is "piranha plant".
Since it appears from the clay pipe with its mouth facing up, it cannot be stepped on (it can be stepped on in some works).
It is a very easy-to-understand character that embodies "I can't step on".
However, it is usually vulnerable to side attacks and can be defeated with a fireball or cloak attack.

It seems to be an easy-to-use character, and there are various types.
It play tennis in spite of the flowers.

And Piranha Plant will participate in Smash Brothers as a playable character.

I wondered if he could move.
Piranha Plant looks normal, but it seems that the genes of all the derivative species of the past work are integrated, and it instantly mutates to various derivative Pakkun depending on the attack method.
Also, although it is in a potted plant, if you look closely, you can see that two legs are sticking out from the bottom of the potted plant.

The evolutionary history of Piranha Plant.
It was green at first.

The puppet introduced this time is a reproduction of a flower coming out of a clay pipe.
It's crap, but I like this kind of thing.

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