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I miss Mario’s game watch

It's great to be able to play games on a small screen.
Originally, Game Watch was the first portable game machine developed by Nintendo that appeared in 1980.
The game software is "1 hardware 1 software" written in the ROM inside the main unit, and it is not possible to execute various software by exchanging cartridges (rom cassettes) like subsequent game machines. For many titles, you can choose to play GAME A, which is less difficult, or GAME B, which is more difficult.

The first work is "Ball" released on April 28, 1980. Some titles used popular characters from other companies such as Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, and Popeye.
Due to the ease of playing at hand, it has become a social phenomenon, with total sales of 12.87 million units in Japan and 30.53 million units outside Japan, for a total of 43.4 million units. Not only did Nintendo pay off the huge debt of nearly 7 billion yen at that time, but it still recorded a big hit with a surplus of about 4 billion yen, and it not only turned into a high-profit excellent company. , Also known for investing its surplus in the development of family computers.

In other words, without this, the later Mario would not have existed.
You can play Super Mario to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Mario.
It contains 3 types of games.
"Super Mario Bros." released on the Family Computer, "Super Mario Bros. 2" that appeared as a disc system, and "Ball", a game and watch played on Mario, are recorded.

The Legend of Zelda will be released in November 2009 for this game watch.

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