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Wow What is this?

I thought that amiibo is actually a great technology.

amiibo is a figure developed by Nintendo.
At first glance, it's just a figure, but if you touch amiibo on the game console and link it, you can appear in the game as a character or get a special item.
One amiibo will lead to various games in the game.

The above is an example of Splatoon, but the character appears in the game as a "supporter".
It will help you remember your favorite "coordination".
You can also take a commemorative photo together.

You can also get items and abilities related to the character.

You can also grow amiibo.
It is also possible to grow stronger and stronger and make it your own character. For example, in "Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SPECIAL" …
Appeared in the game as a "figure player" who thinks and fights for himself.
By repeating the battle together, the personality and performance will change, and it will grow into only one amiibo in the world.

Mario, Link, Isabelle, Kirby … You can find your favorite one from the characters in various game series.

To be honest, I was looking down on Nintendo.
It's amazing, Nintendo.

Today I would like to introduce one such figure, Pikachu.
It can be used with Smash Brothers.
Let's grow your own Pikachu!

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