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Wow What is this?

I would like to introduce the figure of Samurai Izumi, the war god.

War God's Samurai Izumi is a character that appears in "Queen's Blade Rebellion" released by Hobby Japan.

She is Hinomoto's Ronin, a phantom "war god style swordsman" mystery messenger.
Actually from a farmer, She is a self-styled swordsman (my style).
Samurai is a bright red lie
It seems that the identity fraud was discovered in Hinomoto and flowed to the continent in order to earn honor as a martial art.
Meet Annelotte and others and come to follow them.
When it comes to fighting, She wields a huge sword and fights.
She can also wipe the whistle made of shellfish to enhance herself and her friends.
She has been unable to correct the lie that She is a legitimate Hinomoto samurai because of his good looks, but he hates to lose and is a companion warrior.

Such Izumi became a figure.

Based on the design by Yosai Kuchu, who also worked on the popular character "Nanael, the Angel of Light", the innocent look, the texture of the armor, and the fascinating loincloth are reproduced in 3D as you imagined.
A gem filled with cuteness and courage, as well as sex appeal and greedy charm by the hands of the familiar Kibayashi Norio & Tc golden combination.

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