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Wow What is this?

I’ll introduce the game I’m addicted to recently

I couldn't go out in the corona, so I was releasing stress in the game.
I got the PS5, but I ended up doing the PS4 title because the corresponding game software was too scarce.
The game was released over a year ago, but it's a transcendental masterpiece and there aren't many new titles in the first half of this year, so let me introduce it at this time!
The title introduced this time is "Persona 5 The Royal"

New events have been added to the new characters.
A truly royal item with newly drawn cut-ins and event animations, as well as new BGM, as well as various modifications and new elements in terms of existing scenes and systems on the battle side.
"My Palace" is added as another bonus function.
In addition to archives such as BGM and in-game movies, some co-op characters appear in My Palace as cognitive beings, and you can enjoy conversations that are not seen in the main story.
And the third semester, which was not mentioned in the main part of P5, is the main feature of this work.

The "Persona" series is an RPG set in contemporary Japan. The characteristic is that boys and girls who live in school as high school students awaken to another self (persona ability) and use that ability to solve the case.
"Persona 5" tells the story of the protagonists who act as a "psychic thief" who steals people's hearts.
By stealing the hearts of the villains who are harming the surroundings as they desire, and converting them, we will realize a rehabilitation.

Kasumi Yoshizawa, the new character of P5R, added freshness to the story of "Persona 5". There was no character in "Persona 5" who called him "senior", and the fact that he was sought after as a sports scholarship student is different from the main characters who are floating around as problem children.
Kasumi Yoshizawa and her protagonist seem to be different dimensions of the world in which they live, but they are actually living in a similar position as honor students and bad beings, which are not "ordinary".
The frequently inserted event scene depicts the process in which the main character and Kasumi Yoshizawa gradually become friends, and also tells us that they are similar.

The "Persona" series is also a game that simulates high school life.
It has a strong element as an adventure game in which the player chooses who to spend after school every day.
There is a parameter called "corp level" that indicates the progress of the hero and his friends and co-workers of the phantom thief.
Abilities learned by leveling up the co-op will help you in battle and dungeon exploration. There is a deadline for converting a villain, and if it is not converted within the deadline, the game is over. The real thrill of "Persona 5" is to deepen exchanges in a limited time and defeat the enemy with the accumulated power.

It is set in a famous city in Tokyo.
That alone is fun, but it's too great to be a high school student and spend time with friends after school.
It's a game that takes 100 hours, so it's perfect for killing time.
Please play it!

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