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I’m scared of the character Kirimi-chan

Introducing KIRIMI's profile.
Kirimi-chan was born with the desire to have her eat deliciously the moment she was cut into pieces. She was waiting for you to eat deliciously as a partner who is close to the table today with many friends.
Very good friends with her friend's Kamaboko.

Horror is the moment when it is cut into pieces.
What kind of fillet is salmon fillet.

And for some reason, it's popular with Japanese girls.
There are so many people saying that they are cute, but I don't understand!

It was also an anime.
And anthropomorphic.
KIRIMI-chan was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as "Ambassador to Eat Fish".
What should I do to have them eat more deliciously … A magical wand is flowing to Kirimi-chan who is worried about it …!?
However, it is terrifying that Japan was an offer from a government office.

I found such a stationery of Kirimi-chan.
It's an erasable ballpoint pen. Convenient.
If you like salmon fillets, please buy it.

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