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Wow What is this?

Immerse yourself in the ninja world with Ryu Hayabusa’s figure

Speaking of Ryu Hayabusa, he is the main character in Ninja Gaiden and the strongest ninja. Anyway strong.
And cool.
The following is a character introduction, but the characters that appear are all superhuman.

This Ryu Hayabusa is a super ninja who has fulfilled many missions as a ninja, a descendant of the dragon clan who has a long-standing relationship with the evil god, as the head of Hayabusa's village.
A super ninja is a powerful ninja that goes beyond the framework of a ninja.

He is a young Nikkei who usually runs an antique shop in New York with his girlfriend Irene, but he is destined to fight the evil god.
Fortunately, it seems that I have been able to spend time without my lover knowing my true identity.

Although he is a ninja, he does not seem to Stealth at all, so he is familiar to fans under the nickname "Ninja who does not Stealth".

Ryu Hayabusa boasts cheat-class strength, but despite being a ninja, he is often behind by enemies, often falls into pits, is shot by Eileen with a tranquilizer gun, and the general public goes out in Italy.
Contrary to his serious appearance, such as wandering around the city in that style from daytime, his actions are a treasure trove of stories.
Ryu Hayabusa likes sushi and has a hobby of fishing and mountain climbing.

Such a strongest ninja has become a figure.
Ryu Hayabusa is strong, so it may be a good idea to decorate it for the purpose of amulets.

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